Dijous 9 de Gener, 12:30 hores, Saló de Graus.

The recent development of new technologies in the different fields of applied science has permitted the diffusion of novel powerful tools, based on computer-controlled instrumentation, which generate massive amounts of data in a very short time and, in many cases, via one-step analytical procedures. So, being flooded by lots of not nearly easy to interpret numbers is an actual risk for who tries to deal with them. Luckily, mathematics and statistics offer a solution to this issue: in fact, there exist many data analysis techniques, which are accessible even by a decent chemist, but terrible mathematician and statistician, like me, and that allow their users to extract the maximum useful information from complex data sets, simplifying their interpretation and the resolution of the problem under consideration. A comprehensive survey of the most commonly used methods in analytical chemistry will be presented with a special focus on specific applications to the field of chemical spectroscopy.

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